Financial literacy

This investment app takes a community approach to financial literacy

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Have you ever wondered what other people invest in?

Meet – the investing app that takes a community approach to helping people become investors.

  • Build a modern portfolio by buying stocks, funds, and crypto with any amount of money.
  • Find out what other investors have in their portfolios and exchange ideas with the community.
  • Ask the CEOs of your favorite companies questions.
  • Listen to live audio broadcasts where business analysts and financial journalists analyze market trends.

Free money? No… corn Once you’ve funded your account, Public lets you choose a free slice of stock in a company of your choice like Disney, Apple, or Tesla.

Try a new way to invest – you can start with any amount by connecting your bank account or with a debit card.

All you have to do is enter your cell phone number and Public will text you a link! Click here to download the app and claim your free stock.

Want a free slice of Disney, Apple, or Tesla shares? allows you to share information within a community and access a multitude of educational content.


Offer valid for US residents 18 and over and subject to account approval. There may be other costs associated with trading. See This is a paid rider. No investment advice. Securities trading offered by Open to the Public Investing, Inc., member of FINRA & SIPC. Crypto trading offered by Apex Crypto LLC. Free stock offer for new customers only. Full terms and conditions at Investing involves risks.