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These young entrepreneurs from Bangalore are revolutionizing financial literacy

Wetradedaily entrepreneurs have grown the integrated community of 65,000 business enthusiasts with their virtual college finance’s vihasta program to help them grow as financial literacy.

The phenomenal growth of the stock market in India has enabled many young emerging entrepreneurs to launch their financial careers. The story of these two young people, Ishwar and Chiranjeevi, who have gone unnoticed to become entrepreneurs in a growing community of over 65,000 finance enthusiasts, is an inspiring example for anyone looking for a rewarding career in stocks and trading. .

They welcome all enthusiastic business beginners who want to learn ways to improve their financial literacy. During their struggle to develop a large interactive community of WeTradeDaily, they were dismayed, suffered, but grew. They found that a career in stock trading depends primarily on consistency and choosing the right mentors. So they came up with the idea of ​​creating a virtual university of finance using discord as technology.

In 2017, Wetradedaily founder Chiranjeevi Anand started his fight as a video editor for a client in Mumbai with a salary of just 1500 rupees per month. He is undoubtedly an inspiration figure for all young entrepreneurs who are afraid to dream big. Young self-made man Chiranjeevi has proven that if you can dream big, you can achieve big. Initially, he was not followed by monetary pursuits, but his father’s disappearance sparked his zeal to become famous for him. The greater the loss, the greater the reward, Chiranjeevi did not lose his heart, stood strong for his family and converted his passion into achievements. He continued to explore new avenues, make smart connections and show off for almost 3 years.

He met Ishwar and started “Westygo” in 2019 which was very rewarded in terms of money but not enough to satisfy their revolutionary passion. So they launched “Wetradedaily” in 2020. Co-founder Ishwar Singh Panwar started his career in the web world in 2012 and launched his first website when he was a schoolboy. His natural tendency for the Internet has involved him in ethical hacking and he has made some contributions to black hacking communities in the name of “the Internet of freedom”. He launched his very first startup called “Bitplat”, a blockchain-based bitcoin escrow platform that unfortunately failed due to tough RBI regulations. Ishwar knew how to overcome setbacks, he continued to try his luck in many different industries. The young emerging talent at the age of 19 seized the opportunity by serving his hometown crafts across the country. He clicked on the idea of ​​connecting his dots from past experiences, he successfully designed the cybersecurity and blockchain startup “Icchatva” which also served the government and intelligence of Rajasthan. He is now actively working as a co-founder of “WeTradeDaily” with Chiranjeevi, with the aim of revolutionizing financial literacy in India. He is a true believer in crypto and has enormous faith in the metaverse with visions of a decentralized world.

Their Wetradedaily trading platform has trained over 700 students on mentoring and over One Lac students learned full technical analysis from their study materials for FREE. The Virtual University of Finance (VUF), is also their major achievement in the world of commerce. VUF’s integrated courses not only distribute financial learning, but also connect all students on a shared network to exchange thoughts. The devout duo are set to launch their own WTDC crypto token soon to revolutionize the world of trading. The launch of this cryptocurrency will allow students to transfer values ​​using their own cryptocurrency by following a competitive trading platform.

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