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How Kasta Breaks Down Cryptocurrency and Financial Market Barriers

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Posted: Tuesday December 14th, 2021 01:11 PM [IST]

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Kasta, a new blockchain solution, brings you an excellent remedy for international money transfers. The lengthy processes involved in the network or the chains involved in transferring money can be disappointing. Kasta is a blockchain alternative to traditional mobile payment services, making P2P payments simple, easy and accessible. It has recently moved to a crypto-based economy offering the convenience of making international payments. They target the global adoption of cryptocurrency and improve the functionality of financial services.

How Kasta Breaks Down Cryptocurrency and Financial Market Barriers

Kasta’s overwhelming success

The main contributor to Kasta’s success is the incredible management and team they have. The team members are very competitive with genius minds dedicated to scaling up Kasta. Each member shares the vision of the platform and therefore the quality of their work.

Kasta has an impeccable team, including a strategic advisor. They choose people who are passionate about their work and determined to grow the business. Their vision aligns with that of the company. They are also flexible in that they can adapt to changing market conditions with innovative solutions.

Committed to beating the ever-changing market with innovative solutions, Kasta is head over heels in implementing growth strategies. The vision is already intact, aimed at creating a lasting solution in the financial market. The goal is to solve the fundamental problems of high fees, long transaction times and difficult adoption.

How the team impacts Kasta’s value

It all starts with CEO and co-founder Carl Roegind, who has over ten years of experience in startups. Most of his background is in the financial industry and in the GameTech company. He is also passionate about helping businesses communicate effectively with their customers. Follows a man of influence and leverage who is also the co-founder and marketing director, Carl Runefelt. He has a social network of over a million subscribers and he is an expert in cryptocurrency.

There is also Hans-Herko Lusmagi, the CPO & Co-founder. Hans was a lead designer and worked with a leading GameTech company in Europe before joining Kasta. Sebastian Appelberg, the CTO and co-founder of Kasta, was a developer in one of the leading B2B sports and an IT consultant at the leading Swedish consultancy firm. It is evident that these executives have had professional experience in their designated role and thus bring immense value to Kasta.


As cryptocurrencies slowly take shape in the financial market, Kasta is already making a statement with its fascinating structures. In a nutshell, it shapes the model of cryptocurrencies. Kasta’s audience that genuinely wants to participate in crypto is the lifeblood of the business. By bringing you the latest technology, Katsa puts an end to all western and currency scams.

When working with them, you don’t have to worry about last minute or urgent calls to send money to your loved ones as they will arrive in no time, with less process. Employees also appreciate the convenience of early payment. You should also check out the jaw-dropping releases of Katsa in 2022. For more, check them out on their website.

Article first published: Tuesday December 14th, 2021, 13:11 [IST]